One comment on “The Bergdahl Deal [The worse deal since Monte’s donkey behind curtain number 3]

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    This article was written by Mr. Martin O’Sullivan, of the Marty O Radio Show, on, Sunday mornings at 10am, and on other stations. Check listings.
    What is taking place is a series of issues orbiting Bergdahl. First, there is NO official form to renounce one’s citizenship. Years ago it was a prank that people would call the FBI or some other agency and rant about renouncement or send a letter, all fake, only to get revenge on a spouse or neighbor in a dispute, to have that person carted away in handcuffs. Courts recognized this and affirmed that a mere letter of other notice, cannot renounce citizenship. It must be done by letter submitted to a court by an attorney to petition for renouncement of citizenship. By Bergdahl stating he was not happy for whatever reason, courts affirmed there too, that First Amendment speech covers that, provided, there is not some accompanying action; Something outrageous. We have another issue, as being AWOL is not deemed officially as desertion. Years ago, it was being Absent Without Leave/Unauthorized Leave, for one year and one day, and you were declared a US Title-18 Fugitive from Justice/Military Desertion. Today, everything is very lenient. Bergdahl, was never officially declared a deserter. If, is substantiated that he allegedly offered friendship, training (Bomb making), or other support, then, he is a Traitor, officially, and qualified for Treason under the US Espionage Act of 1918, but that too is a stretch. An interesting thing is the reporter killed in the car accident, I cannot recall his name at the moment, I don’t know why, may have, possibly, been reporting on Bergdahl. But lately, too much of reporting sounds like espionage in itself, as I question why people are where they are, in remote hostile areas, getting stories, that sound more like spying. The US Military might not have enough people correctly wired as they fear Obama and have stuck their tails between their legs to prevent removal from command by the Cupcake Warrior, himself, Barack Obama, who incidently, hugs and protects Bergdahl, so I believe it will be a dog and pony shop and nothing will happen. What number scandal is this? I blame the US Congress, because they had five years to investigate desertion and what was going on with too many things but enabled everything by Barack Obama (or whoever he really is).

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