5 comments on “The Liberal Is Winning, America Is Losing

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    This article was written by Mr. Martin O’Sullivan of the Marty O radio Show, Sunday mornings at 10am on YFNradio.com and other stations. A new venture as a newspaper columnist is in the works, and Ben might quit eating ice cream or, continue to eat ice cream and train for a marathon (?).
    What is said in the article is that something very terrible is happening. All of us, are watching America suffer a death of a thousand cuts, inflicted upon her, by people thought to be stewards of this nation. Professional politics is now a degenerate profession. Oaths mean nothing. Legalization of politicians to be Liars. Power Lust. Corruption of every imaginable and unimaginable description occurring. A laundry list of people dedicated to the nation, now declared as enemies of the state. Law enforcement gone haywire. Things were much different when I was a cop. Today’s administrators call me a throw back to the 1950s, while they are drunk with power and an insatiable appetite for budget funding. More. Ever, more. Waste the last bit of allocated funds of there will be less next year, and they spend, to waste. Drones. Armored trucks. Fighter aircraft. Militarized cops. Then the vilification of veterans. Those that gave of themselves to protect our nation. A re-writing of history into some perverted and warped history taught to children. A few years ago, before the flood of Super Storm Sandy (2012), a couple of teenage kids showed up on Halloween, knocking on the door. They were not little guys, these were high school kids. Outfitted in camouflage and carrying mock equipment. I laughed. I told them to dig their hand into the large bowl of factory wrapped candy, but leave some for the little kids. They were good about it. I corrected a few items they were wearing and said, that, was how it was really worn, and they asked why, so I explained. They said their teacher told them of that horrible war so many years ago, and included that they were taught.., when American soldiers went to Vietnam to commit murder against people, for fun. I corrected the kids, and obtained the teacher’s name. Later the next week I was refused to speak with the teacher and the school office said they have curriculum to teach and that I, must leave the building. As I was walking out, two school security people were hoofing it into the office. I am an outcast. Thrown to the marginal fringes, by a new element of gentrification and their quest to make an elite society and a base of poverty for some 85% of everyone else. A servant class. What I do know is this, people, exactly like myself, will always go that extra mile for America. Our nation has been in tougher spots before, so hold off on calling in the pall bearers. The elitists might become so arrogant, that they unwittingly (BACKFIRE) undo themselves (Unintended Consequence).

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