3 comments on “Today Thousands, Tomorrow Millions

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    This article was written by Mr. Martin O’Sullivan, of the Marty O Radio Show, Sunday mornings at 10am on YFNradio.com and other stations.
    A serious influx of illegal aliens will result in either a reduction of benefits to persons already receiving public assistance, to meet the need, and eventual reduction of food stamp benefits to persons already receiving those benefits, endangering the young children and elderly to malnutrition, which is, the very reason why food stamps became a public program. Then consider that the persons abusing the system will have less to abuse with but, there has recently been an increase of incidents involving subjects arrested in possession of multiple food stamp and, multiple public assistance benefit identification cards of entitlements. The congress will only burden the taxpayers, and real property taxes will also increase. Salaries, will be stunted. Business taxes increased. I see vacant business retail stores all over. Jobs hiring, are a total farce. Credit reporting inaccurate, to select only a certain “type” of candidate. Welfare..? I drove to Jamaica section of Queens, NY, and passed a NYC welfare office. The line was out the door, down the street, around the block, and into the next block for another fifty feet. The office was open, and it was about 11:30am. That was not what I originally thought, perhaps people waiting overnight. What I saw, was a daily process of a conga line to obtain public assistance benefits. Only a few blocks further, is the NYS Parole office. The line there was long but did not look anything like the welfare office clientele. My curiosity was sparked, and I then had my wheels turning and drove past Rikers Island in Astoria section of Queens, but all was quiet. Some days later, I drove past the NYS Correctional facility in Long Island City. Why? Because another friend of mine always got a kick out of me laughing when it was visiting day and some real “Beauts” would be standing on the visitor line. When I passed the facility, yes, it was visiting day. A few “Belles” were standing on line but, I noticed more than one person from the welfare line in Jamaica, and they turret-headed my Hummer. It was them. Life, to some is standing on welfare lines, and visiting lines. Lines. Humanity. It became clear that, with the new influx of illegal aliens, Blacks, and some Latinos, are no longer destined for a life of equality. Those people were sold, by Obama. A new form of slavery, where our American born minorities are destined to go from cradle to prison cell. Others will join that group only because crime is their desire and their character flaw, but how many are going to make a poor decision that brings them into conflict with the law, because they have no marketable skills and there are no jobs for anything, only scams, and desperation pushes people over the limit? Some will be pulled into the net inadvertently as fish snagged in a fisherman’s nets, and there too, when the fish are to bountiful in the net, something gives, and all hell breaks loose. Loses. Waste. Time invested. The federal government has only one job assigned to it, and that is National Defense against an invasion. Nothing else. What we observe is, the federal government involved all over the globe, and taking care of people outside of America, and not giving a damn about US citizens residing in America, raising families, paying mortgages, and praying the Dow Jones Industrial remains solvent. If the federal government, is in fact, the mastermind of an invasion against the United States, it is no longer our government as they forfeit their position. Maybe it is time to end this government, and start anew, with the Constitutional Republic of America. It’s heading in that direction now, with alarming speed. The imbeciles holding office in the federal government, with exception of few, caused the mess. They schemed the destruction of our nation. Our duty as Patriots, is to halt their efforts and restore a government as established by our Founding Fathers.

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