2 comments on “Mr. President: To Defeat ISIS You Just Can’t Contain ISIS

  1. Not a good scenario. ISIS headquarters, apparently, are in washington, DC, itself, as Obama and the CIA, invented the ISIS monster. Now, the monster has turned on its creators. Arab news, has been wondering what, on earth, is Obama doing (https://brittius.wordpress.com/2015/05/26/something-weird-going-on/), which means, not all Arabs/Muslims, are a part of what is going on. Obama, let’s not forget, is, Muslim Brotherhood. That is why the diversion of “Climate Change” – rubbish!
    Keep watch on what is going to be a push from ISIS into Jordan, as if a Spearhead assault into Jordan by ISIS, it will continue momentum into Israel, the ISIS goal, and Muslim Brotherhood goal. Other Arab/Muslim nations need to watch that, because, their nation(s), might be next. The fly in the ointment to ISIS, is if, other Arab/Muslim nations rally around Jordan, and form an alliance to defeat ISIS.

    Can’t do much else, Marty, the block continues on my webpage from search engines, because somebody in DC doesn’t want me blogging. Let’s see how long my blog stays up this time (fifth time around).

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