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    I want to know, if on college enrollment applications or student loan/grant applications, if BHO listed himself as Non-Citizen. Think about it.

    With the conclusion of the second term, the Obamas may, become more vocal and open, about birth. If he was not a citizen by birth, each and every Executive Order, becomes void, as he would not have any lawful authority to have written any EO. I don’t know if Trump will grant clemency to BHO or to the BHO Administration. If Trey Gowdy becomes USAG, his plate will be full, prosecuting everyone in the BHO Administration, right down the line. Our taxes may go up, because we are going to need a bigger federal prison to contain that bunch.

    Stewart Rhodes, of OathKeepers, is the guy who should review the BHO Executive Orders if Trump wins the presidency.

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