5 comments on “Don’t Discount The Trump Card

  1. Reblogged this on Arlin Report and commented:
    Trump is being called a CLOWN in many corners. There is not a bigger clown out there than (BOBO) Barack Obama! If you were to start a business, who do you want as your partner, Trump or Obama? If said Hillary you might go to jail………in her place.

  2. Initially, I had wanted and looked forward to Trump for president, until in a Fox & Friends interview, Trump said that he backed data collection efforts of the NSA. The man does not have a full understanding of the 4th Amendment and warrant issuance per event having shown Due Cause in court on wiretap/data collection. Another thing is, I don’t know if Trump takes his own candiacy, seriously, or if he covertly is trying to be a spoiler? Rand Paul, and I have doubts about him at times as well as the entire GOP hopeful field, ma possibly restore some semblance of America, before 9/11 events (NYC/Pa/DC). The Libertarians are the lesser of the evils, or so it appears. Trump reportedly has been on some liberal news programs, I tossed the articles because it sickened me, that Trump has been knocking Conservatives and Fox News (which has its own agenda), and this morning, articles that Trump wants to bring illegal aliens into America and make them accepted as Americans. Maybe he is pandering for votes but now all sides are frowning. I truly wish that Trump chose a political track and stuck with it, because to me, he sounds disappointing, considering that his ethic is pure business (God bless him for that). November 2016, is a long way off. Many things will happen that will decide which candidates will be squaring off. Rand Paul to me, is dismal and wishy-washy, but Trump is more motivated by high blood pressure than national leadership qualities. For that matter, Opie in New York, was a good governor, he too could do something. The team I wanted will never materialize, which is, Charles Krauthammer for President, and Judge Andrew Napolitano for Vice President. America would truly be in good hands of those two, because they love, America. But people would shout “Fox!!”. If everything stinks come election day, I might not vote. I’m that sick of everything.

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