Martin O'Sullivan host of the Marty O Radio Show

Martin O’Sullivan is the talk show host of The Marty O Radio Show which airs live on Sundays 10 AM est.  From Political news, guests, musical appreciation segments, and weekly free computer software for students, families, businesses… everyone!.   Martin’s show is in the genre of shows like Hannity, Mark Levin, etc.  However, Martin’s strives to tie many stories together painting a broader spectrum of an issue without it being overwhelming.

AM/FM stations may carry The Marty O Radio Show free of charge as long as the show is on their website via banner and/or schedule.


heard on:




https://lanterns.buzz/ (Lanterns Radio Network)






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      • OK> Hey, Thank You, for the radio show tip on Kingsoft Office. My Microsoft Office was acting crazy then crashed. They wanted me to re-purchase. I installed their format in December 2012, and Microsoft now wanted me to but their 2013 format. What, only six month for $120.00 that I paid? Now I use Kingsoft. Someday I will learn how to use it. I am computer illiterate. The trick is how to make Document files, ad how to make pdf files (???). I poke around when I get spare moments. Thank you, again, and for the listing on the Marty O Radio Show.

      • Simple to do so (Make a PDF file or a Microsoft Document file)

        1) Create what you wish in the word processor 2) FILE MENU select SAVE AS and name you document what you wish 3) Under where you name the file select MICRSOFT WORD 97/2000/XP/2003 DOCUMENT The making of the Microsoft Document is now done… If you wish to make it into a PDF file just add one more step… 4) Go back to the FILE MENU and select EXPORT TO PDF

        The biggest Microsoft Office alternative that is also compatible with Microsoft Office is OpenOffice. The second biggest Office Suite with a great word processor that also exports what you write into a PDF file automatically when choosing EXPORT TO PDF. No adware, no spyware, no viruses, no Trojans, just a great FREE Office Suite from the maker of JAVA that is on every computer in the world. The link is: http://www.openoffice.org/ and of course just writing a document file can be saved as a Microsoft word document too. It is FREE, and you may even like it better than Kingsoft (Specially for the export to PDF feature.

        There is even a third called LIBRE OFFICE SUITE that is free. Being they are all free, try them all, one may become your favorite.

  1. Somebody tore down your magnificent article, and I am copying and pasting it from my email notification.
    Conservative articles all over the place are being torn down.

  2. Hey Marty,

    I just realized we’re both on the 405 Media! That’s really cool. Your show is very good, and we’re proud to be alongside of you as a 405 Media partner show.


    • I visited your blog the other day and thought it was so entertaining. Specially reading one by one about all that are on the show with you. I am looking forward and making it a point to listen to your show on the 405. I will then discuss your show on mine as I do talk about other 405 shows often, and suggest people listen to them. When I do, I will let you know so you can hear it lol. The405 is a great place to be.

      • Very cool, please do let us know and we will listen for sure! There are so many shows on 405, we are still trying to make the rounds to meet everyone else and listen to their shows.

        I think we are on at midnight every night on the 405 Media.

        What time is your show on?


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