One comment on “Lois Lerner Finds And Repairs Her Hard Drive! (Not!)

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    This article was written by Mr. Martin O’Sullivan of the Marty O Radio Show, Sunday mornings at 10am on and other stations.
    Regarding the Lerner/IRS mess, it is impossible that any of this transpired without consent of the president. The RINOs are equally involved and I smell something rotten in the entire affair. Being how over one half of the nation voted for the garbage in office, I say, the American people, have not suffered enough, nor hard enough. I continue to speak with airheads and people that went along for the ride so that welfare would not stop a they enjoy “the good life”. IRS is owned by the Federal Reserve Bank and quasi-independent with a renewable mission goal authority. Any real president would have revoked the IRS’s authority and made the Federal reserve step down, and let the US Treasury take over both roles, as it should be. The IMF is bailing out because American money, is now second or third fiddle. Best time is now to get rid of IRS and the FRB. Considering that the entire purpose of the federal government is to defend American soil from foreign invasion, as Ronald Reagan said, “Government’s first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives.” Taxes should never exceed 12.000000001% Gross Domestic Product. The Obama presidency, is a house of cards.

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