2 comments on “Future: Hey, Why Is Drudge Gone? Among Others [The Internet Giveaway]

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    This article was written by Mr. Martin O’Sullivan, of the Marty O Radio Show, Sundays at 10am, on YFNradio.com, and other stations. Quality conservative talk radio program.

  2. Putin is proceeding exactly as I said. Whether we like Putin or not, it must be understood that he is a highly skilled, and qualified, leader. If nothing else, he earns our respect in his official role.
    The situations for too long a period of years, involving Obama, has gone beyond political science, or foreign relationships. An advanced degree is not necessary to observe and listen with chilling candor, as an unqualified storefront organizer, stumbles continually, and America withdraws from the globe. It will set a tone where generations from today, will need to be extra vigilant as the powder-puff president retreats and changes the subject to gain cheers, such as women’s education tuition, when rightfully, the president earned everyone’s jeers.
    Putin will not fire a shot. Obama, Kerry, and McCain, are stupid. Acknowledging that the US cannot fight in Ukraine, but for moral support having military exercises there. Putin will sell US debt. He will dump the US Dollar possibly in favor of the Yuan. From the West, Putin may possibly demand gold. The United Kingdom has said that they do not wish to further pursue the matter, as they understand that Putin will, carry out what he says. Petroleum will cease as the onset of winter arrives, if, a foreign policy of gross foolishness is pursued. Expect between now and January of 2017, that the governments of countries long known to be friendly, begin to distance themselves from Obama and the rest of the elected clowns in Washington, DC.

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