4 comments on “Who Side Is Obama On!? (From dismantling our military, to dismantling our foes fears)

  1. Concerning the nuclear weapons held by the Russian Federation, it also needs to be pointed out that Iran, went to NOrth Korea, and testing was done. It is unknown exactly what if anything the Russians or Chinese involvement may have been, beyond speculation. I have been discussing a few things with blogs that cover intelligence and international relationships of politics and nations. What is of importance, and not many people realize it, is that Russia, continues to have missing nuclear weapon inventories, and America has the exact same issues. Munitions of DHS are also missing. INvestigations are mysteriously silenced and halted. Black clipboard operations? It would not surprise me. Now, with North Korea, what makes things so dangerous is, their medium range missiles, can in fact, be armed with nuclear warheads.

    If Russia wanted to, only four nuclear submarines could cripple America. But think about this, the kid in North Korea, is mentally unbalanced. Those short range missiles, they were discovered in the Panama Canal upon inspection due to suspicious activities. Only a day or two in the mainstream media. I discussed the matter at length with people holding kind of high US security clearances and once determined to not be a conflict of interest subject to them, we talked about it. Those medium range missiles, can, be launched from the deck of any cargo vessel, especially if sailing off of US coastlines.

    I gave a scenario, and route that I would take and have vessels perform, and they almost had a heart attack, as I was told that, the exact route and means that I said, was in fact discussed almost to a “T”, and I opened possibilities to something they did not consider, and caused it to be discussed at one of somebody’s meetings. The point is, never take for granted, our freedoms or security. Not from within the nation, be it politicians or rogue, or, from any nation, and many, are hell-bent in seeing America destroyed, for nothing more than delusional dreams they harbor.

    Obama drew a “pink line”, again. http://brittius.com/2014/02/28/glass-jaw-dictator-threatens-russia/

    Russia testing ICBMs, it was reported on Tuesday, March 4, 2014, at 3:00pm (NYC Time), by WCBS-News Radio 880AM, that the test was announced prior to any conflict in Ukraine. Per arms treaty, the Russian Federation filed in writing an application that it would be conducting the test. All the nations knew and it was scheduled and announced. Obama, conveniently “forgot” and it was played up about missile testing. So now, the UK, EU, and US, want sanctions agains Russia. Both Ukraine and Crimea, have been Russian, going back to the 18th Century. Sanctions will void and cause non-fidelity of petroleum contracts. By the end of Summer 2014, the UK and EU will be facing an oncoming winter setting in, and a reduction in automotive fuels, and reduction in home heating fuels. Putin said that any new contracts will be maybe several times the previous prices as voiding existing contracts causes loss of revenue. The Perian Gulf oil producing countries have little use for the UK, EU, or US. A reduction of petroleum manufacturing may happen. Today, hours ago, a refinery in Russia suffered a mysterious explosion and fire, and it is destroyed. There is reduction, already. Putin as reported yesterday, said the Russian Federation has very little use for fiat money of other nations, and may, demand payments for all petroleum and other goods from the Russian Federation, to be paid for in Gold. GOLD. The EU has very little gold, and the US, has none. Obama gave further lip service today, and Putin countered, Russia may sell off US debt that Russia holds, and maybe not pay US banks for loans outstanding that were made as good will jestures to help international economies. Obama is a joke. Who will supply the UK and EU with oil? Obama wants to further tree hugging agendas of the intelligencia. Canada’s oil sands products will be re-routed as Obama does not want the Keystone Pipeline. China profits but, Japan’s Abe, yesterday said that Obama may cause a blockade in the China Sea of China. China holds US debt and owns tangible real properties in the US. China will not sell the US any oil if any blockade happens, and will also sell off US debt. China also has US technologies that started when Clinton gave China the technologies and, it also places the US as a TPP participant gone rogue, as treaty would be upset of members to the compact if signed.

    I have seen better foreign policy come from Pee Wee’s Playhouse.

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  3. Subj: Permission to Reprint the post from your Radio dtd 5 Mar 14, Who Side Is Obama On!? (From dismantling our military, to dismantling our foes fears)

    Mr. O’Sullivan, my name is James Langston.

    I am seeking permission to include the subject post in my latest book, America in Crisis

    Thank you for your consideration.


    Langston, a former U.S. Naval military officer, faithfully served his country for 27 years before retiring in 2003. He is founder and senior pastor of the Pilgrim Outreach Ministries.

    Langston is ordained and licensed through World Evangelism Fellowship of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He is a 1976 graduate of El Campo high school in El Campo, Texas.

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