3 comments on “An Obama Review: (And They Called Reagan a Teflon President!?)

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    How can I add to this?? All the bases are covered. I want to see what happens as a result of Operation American Spring, May 16, 2014, when a peaceful rally in DC demands Obama is removed from office and members of his regime removed from office. Then, is there is any fist is the Dictators glove, because somebody has been scheming in the Oval Office, and up to no good: http://brittius.com/2014/02/24/you-have-been-targeted-for-internment-resettlement/

  2. As a thought, we now see that there will be a reduction of the US Military. I am wondering if there will be a return of the military draft? Easy does it…
    There are situations all around the globe. Syria. Iran. Africa. North Korea. Problems that spread out troops thin. If, nothing is done regarding the Selective Service System and an emergency hits at home in America, then in the middle of the night, like New York State’s SAFE Act was eeled up, the same can happen with a military draft, once the horse has left the stable. Wouldn’t it be better, to address the matter, now, while there is no emergency? Kids are growing up little more than wild animals in some cases. They quit high school at age 16, then they should be made to serve as mandatory, in the military. In fact, from age 16, though age 50, it should be a requirement that everyone, with very little exception of possibly mental incapacitation or physical impairment, should be required to learn how to shoot. Maybe have courses in Military Occupational Standing, for certain trade skills. Carpentry. Laborer. Electrician. so forth. Kids in their teens can do 8-hours per month minimum, and people in their 40s can do 4-hours per month minimum. If there is an emergency in America, an adult can, supervise up to ten teenagers that are trained. It doesn’t mean gunfire, because many times natural disasters strike. Obama could, with pennies, turn himself into a hero, rather than the zero that he is (Marty: Leave, Ben Willard alone! Be nice, buy Ben some ice cream). If Obama fails or refuses to consider this matter, his only recourse if disaster strikes, might be to have foreign troops enter America to handle the situation, and that, rightfully, would lead to a shooting scenario. We do not want any of that, and that is why having a conversation now, about the military draft is necessary with a reduction of the US military. Of course, refugees will continue to flood into America, and illegals get Welfare, and Obama giving billions of dollars away to inflate his ego. All of that will go on, as usual.
    I know this from experience, that sooner or later, everyone’s luck, in one way or another, runs out. All of the points listed by the article, and think of the many more not listed/not known, are risks that Obama has gotten away with something, and the guy thinks that he is salty. That, indicates a massive failure on it’s way. A major disaster of some sort, looking for a place to happen. Obama has the big mouth and ego, that will make the perfect set of minor factors all come into play, perfectly, to the detriment of America, and all of the people living in this nation, regardless of political views, ethnicity, social class, or education. The flip side of that coin, is to cut the doorways wider at the White House, to get Obama’s swollen head through them. Obama is a walking Backfire. A disaster looking for a place to happen.

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