8 comments on “The EPA: Environmental Protection Agency? No! It’s Enforce President’s Agenda!

  1. I had contacted eFireplaceStore.com, and they said the EPA, was going after older wood burning units, and the outdoor hot water boilers. When I researched, the EPA is seeking a reduction in airborne emissions. Okay, but.., there is a footnote by EPA, indicating that by 2020, EPA will seek another reduction of 50% emissions from 2014. Units, cost anywhere from about $1,400.00 to $6,000.00, and then what, in five years, they too will be outlawed and must be replaced?
    Here on Long Island, there are a few people that continue to heat their homes with Anthracite Coal, and that may possibly be on EPA’s Death List for Extermination. I cannot find a conclusive answer.
    The people in Pennsylvania might know more about this, where coal is mined.
    True, in my first house, it was big. Built 1907. Chestnut wood, all over. Double wide stairs, and full basement (They don’t make them like that anymore, and I love Big Old Houses), it had a nice big open hearth fireplace. The fireplace warmed the room, and the outer rooms were chilly. When I had a firebox installed into the fireplace, the room became hot and the outer rooms moderately warm. I estimate that about half a cord of wood was the savings (I bought full seasoned wood). Twice a year, I had the chimney cleaned, inspected, and I gave the Underwriter’s Certificate to the insurance broker, for my homeowner’s insurance. I sold that house and moved on the water (18 feet off of the water). The house had a wood burning stove and wasn’t that big, but really heated the house to the point of within 30 minutes, you would be wearing a T-shirt.
    How is it, that a one family residential home, heated by either wood fireplace, or wood stove, is outlawed, but, a multi-unit luxury apartment house (tens of thousands of them in NYC and elsewhere), can heat the building with #4 Heating Oil, or the old #6 (Tar) Heating Oil? The buildings that converted to gas, jacked up rents to the point that families cannot afford to live there, and the management companies then filled up the buildings with welfare so as to not lose profitability. That might please Obama and the Marxist Regime, but it does not sit well, with me.
    Also, EPA, all of a sudden, has lawful jurisdiction over cesspools and septic tanks because of ground water, but wants to outlaw ground water for municipal water. Why is it that nothing is said of Chinese and Swiss corporations purchasing water rights from the US Government to sell water from America, all over the world, including to, Americans? They’re paying us with our own money!
    I predict, that America, that has eleven times the combined world’s supply of natural gas and propane, will not only suffer fake shortages, but government people invested in those markets and the prices will skyrocket, possibly making little economic savings to families than home heating oil in comparison.
    EPA does have a use, as there are in fact times, when gross contaminations have happened like spills and dumping. But, I also read about companies that owe back fines, and West Virginia, the corporation simply folded up. Paper tiger. Nobody was jailed. One corporation, owns another corporation. Straw men. But the backs of family people will be lashed with EPA’s whip until the blood runs clear as water and the corpse is bled out. If I were president.., you know damned well what would happen, concerning many issues.

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  3. The big government forces will tell you that the EPA isn’t making rules, they are just enforcing existing regulations. However, when these regulations are being made without the oversight of Congress, they become laws unto themselves, complete with their own for spent enforcement and punishment procedures for those who are not in compliance.

  4. The EPA is accelerating Agenda 21. Since the US did not ratify the steps towards Agenda 21 back in the 90’s and 2000 it is time in Obama’s eyes that the US has to catch up with all of the other countries that did ratify the charter. The UN wants (needs) to control all of the land and all of the water to control the people. If you do not think like them then you are an enemy.

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