8 comments on “Socialism Isn’t Just Knocking On Your Door, It’s Inside!

  1. There are many issues that have gone to an extreme, only because the voters wanted a world of garbage for themselves when they voted for Barack Obama. At my age, it’s not going to be anything near as bad for a person born in the 1970s, 1980s, or younger. Militant Marxists, no different from what screwed up African nations are running wild in America, because the People, are too soft. Let them be soft. A two Class system is now a reality in America, the elites and the serfs. A monarchy will be their next push, especially if anyone is brazen enough to rule with a pen and a phone, but, the People are stupid. I talk to people that have graduated recently or are students in college and I hear sixth grade elementary school issues. Then they want to be radical but they lack the juice to do anything. The RINOs have surrendered and America is de facto a one party political system. Do not vote for RINOs. Vote a straight Democrat ticket, and get rid of the RINOs. It will be rough, but the next election, you will see how motivated the RINOs become and, hopefully other parties will get a toe in the door.

    Remember something, those that hold public office, are employees of the People. They answer to you, and not the other way around. They want to piss you off, then repay them by firing them at the balloting place.

    A few links if anyone does not believe there are serfs in America:


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