9 comments on “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness (Unless you were aborted)

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    I want to ask one question, and I would appreciated it if the question were read on the Air: Why is it, that there are uncountable number of “studies”, which are federally funded, including some ridiculous studies that are in my opinion, degeneracy, but, not one single study to find out if a fetus feels pain. Think about it. A federally funded study a number of years ago had concluded that trees, are the oldest relatives of humans because they have a nervous system forty times less than a human and trees felt pain when a live tree is in any way, cut. If it is determined that a fetus does feel pain, that means, everyone involved in the abortion process, is implicated as a Co-Defendant to Capital Murder With Intent, Murder in the First Degree. I have other questions and opinions on the subject, but that one single question needs to be answered. People need to ask, that same question.—————–This article was written by Mr. Martin O’Sullivan, of the Marty O Radio Show, YFNradio.com and the405media.com, at new time of 10 a.m., Sunday mornings. Listen to the program and pay close attention.

  2. At the top of the comment, Marty — “Reblogged”. I listened February 2nd, and you said that I didn’t reblog. I did. Had to check it, because at times I do forget, but I got it.

    Thank you, for reading my question on the air.
    Thank you, for mentioning my blog and the support you always give.

  3. Another article about the “Study” tax dollars were wasted on, and if people cannot figure out “why” gay men get sexual diseases, then they don’t deserve the money to do the study in the first place. More than likely, they are gays, and partied with the money, all the while, laughing at the US taxpayer.
    People wonder why, I would bring back Lashes with a whip. Waste money on that study, get Lashes.


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