2 comments on “Believe In The Constitution? How Dare You! You Extremist!

  1. The young people are the ones who can bring about change, and that must be done at the ballot box.

    Cuomo in New York, must resign. He has openly declared war on all Christians and Conservatives. The 2014 Midterm will indicate whether or not 2015, Andrew Cuomo is tossed into the gutter. Nobody antagonized him of late, but he had to start trouble. The investigation into campaign funds of $300K in return for as Quid Pro Quo [“This, For That”] lower taxes of real property in Manhattan (NYC) of his friends, and all of the players of SAFE Act, were involved. That explains threats against Republicans to put money against them in elections. Then the called off Bon Jovi concert where $65K was schemed but found out by the Daily News in NY. The investigation against Andrew Cuomo, mysteriously halted. But Cuomo, hand picked the investigators.
    Now in New York, a background check is necessary to purchase ammunition. Pay Cuomo back, by patronizing any Black Market enterprise possible.
    Bob Grant, the late and wonderful Conservative radio host always said it best to Mari Cuomo, and it fits for AndyBoy, “Duce, Boci Mio Culo, Svacheem!” [Duce=DuChay/Leader = Mussolini] In Sicilian, it’s the same as Neapolitan, which Grant was, and it is also the same in New York City language: “Duce, Kiss My Ass, You Son-of-a-Bitch!”.

    Obama’s problems are only starting, because of the Olympic Games, which open February 7th, 2014 in Russia. The Games will bring new terror to US interests overseas, and there was an open call for terror in America. See something, turn your head and mind your own business. Alinsky would approve. Better Lewinsky, than Alinsky (Stop smiling, Marty).

    February will be another “interesting” month. Anonymous is not happy with Obama. That will last into April. Add the Olympic situation, plus whatever is planned by Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood/Al-Qaeda buddies. There is no way in hell that the US Government can protect everyone, at all times. But the jackass in the Oval Office doesn’t want to understand that the Second Amendment, can be his savior, and be America’s champion. Therefore, I’m sitting this one out. America, is on its own.


    Marty, I used the Comment box, because when I write in the re-blog box, everything gets jumbled together.
    Personal Note: I am very glad that Neal O’Sullivan is out of the hospital. My prayers continue for him to get strong and, for the family to be strong. I was waiting for your sound engineer to start playing the Rocky music when he runs up the steps in Philly.., 70 miles and half mile to go, a flat. I thought that stuff, only happens in Brooklyn. Madonna Mia!

  2. Reblogged this on Brittius.com and commented:
    This article was written by Mr. Martin O’Sullivan, of the “Marty O Radio Show”; YFNradio.com, and the 405media.com, Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m. East Coast time. Listen to it and pay very close attention. You will not be disappointed. It is quality Conservative radio and educational. Truly educational. Our Founding Fathers, would approve.

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