One comment on “Obamacare: The biggest disaster since the Hindenburg!

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    Why does Obama simply call it, health welfare? Welfare never, runs out of money. In Vermont, there is a growing number of people, vocally demanding, Single Payer, to fund ObamaCare. Problem is, not one of those Marxist Vermonters making the demand, will conclusively state if they are exempt from, ObamaCare. A few decades ago, that type of person would simply be called a Communist Agitator. In Sicilian, that type of person is known as a “Fazool” (“Bean”). They make a big noise, and a big stink, then run away, while everyone is at each other’s throats. At times, it is similar to a RINO. Notice, the RINOs want to keep ObamaCare but with paltry modifications. That means, the RINOs have been bribed by the healthcare insurance companies that contributed to the campaign of Barack Obama. Wall Street has been working up lines since 2010, and are not about to kill a goose laying golden eggs for them. The answer is, get rid of all incumbent elected officials with the Midterm Election cycle and, finish the job with the 2016 Presidential Election cycle. The only fair news, is that the voters will have had a belly full by election time, of both Democrats and Republicans, due to making payments for ObamaCare and receiving horrible medical care in return. For those to young to have experienced it, things are shaping up as they did years ago. Smug Republicans fly swatted Ronald Reagan, then suddenly, all of the pieces fell into their proper place. Unemployment. Gasoline shortages. Nuclear holocaust threat. America becoming an open air zoo of humanity. Then just like that… The Conservatives rose up. People were fed up and voted for traditional American values. America was blessed with President Ronald Reagan. Have faith. Stand the line and be brave, it will, happen again. [Personal note: Marty, I hope your brother Neil has a full recovery without complication or delay. My prayers are with you. Also, thank you, for the kind words you speak on the Air regarding my blog. It is most appreciated.] This article was written by Mr. Martin O’Sullivan of the Marty O Radio Show,, and..,, Sundays, at 9:30am.

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