6 comments on “Liberals Are Now The Freedom Of Speech Police

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    The Bill of Rights, is predicated on the premise of the Citizen being Responsible and Mature. Consider the seriousness in 1776, of rebellion against the mightiest empire on planet earth, and what consequences would have been paid if unsuccessful. Fast forward to 2013, and there is that mutt, Pajama Boy. Years ago, high school prepared students for the real world. A serious world. A world where you need to listen (mouth shut), and learn, and think before you speak in measured terms. I was in my senior year of high school when I enlisted at age 17, and only had a 48 hour summer vacation once I graduated. By the age of 18, I was a seasoned combat veteran (hardcore). People depended on each other. You had to think and act under stress. You did your best not to let others down because they would not let you down. Too many people lacking experience of some form of hardship, too often blurt things out irresponsibly. The Bill of Rights protects against a government that becomes too big for its britches and those rights are, an affirmation. Lately, there is only a dumbing down of people and brainwashing to rule by emotions rather than by factual information. Truth, is absent. Period. This article was written by Mr. Martin O’Sullivan, of the Marty O Radio Show, on YFNradio.com, Sunday mornings at 9:30am, and now.., a second radio station, the405radio.com (same day and time, Marty?). Spend some time listening. It is worthwhile. It is an investment, in Freedom.

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