7 comments on “Obama vs.Thomas Jefferson, James Madison & the Constitution

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    I always point out to people, that Conservative Patriot articles are packed with information. I am asking that the readers stop and reflect a minute on what has been going on in Washington, DC, since Barack Obama became president. Your age does not matter. What you will notice is there has been a dramatic devolution of the Executive and Legislative Branches. Now it is more like nursery school and undisciplined animal behavior. A president, has turned himself, most joyfully, into a Glass Jaw Dictator. This is not funny. Members of Congress are acting like jackals, with exception of very, very, few. America, is staggering in the global arena like a punch-drunk fighter and the corner-men are distracted to the beating, and listless to the standing eight count. If the towel gets thrown in, our form of government, the Constitutional Republic, will be dead. Something else will replace the form of government but, it will not be anything recognizable to what we know. America needs someone with real intelligence to lead the nation. Get vocal, and start pushing for Charles Krauthammer, for President. I initially felt the job might be too strenuous, but thinking about it, there are ways to delegate many overseas trips utilizing the vice president, and that would produce more time at the White House to tend to business of the nation. America is going to be in a Defensive 360, from 2014 to 2016. We, us, the Americans, cannot allow our nation or form of government to die. Let the Authoritarian Marxists do the dying if that is their goal, and preferably maybe they will “Take the Gas Pipe”. This article was written by Mr. Martin O’Sullivan, of the Marty O Radio Show; YFNradio.com; Sunday mornings at 9:30am.

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