One comment on “America’s Favorite Pastime: SPORTS? Nope: POLITICS!

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    I don’t know… When I hear all of this stuff, I want to get drunk. Flush the misery out of my head, kind of drunk. We used to play rough tackle football on the concrete sidewalk, without any, protective gear, while growing up in Brooklyn (NY). Dick Butkus (#51) was my idol. He didn’t play football, he played, “Kill the Quarterback”. Who ever talked about politics during a sports game, especially in a barroom, and you never heard of the stock market during any sports game. The bar tender would throw you out. Light up a Camel, or light up a good cigar. Everyone wanted to see a sporting event. A contest. Football, meant mud, and blood. Some of the best games were ground games due to slush, wind, rain, and sleet. Grueling. Exhausting. Progress measured in feet. No drugs. The players simply ate six eggs and a steak for breakfast. Aggressiveness was natural. They were, the Best. Memory Lane stuff. The article is written by Mr. Martin O’Sullivan, of “the Marty O Radio Show”,, Sunday mornings at 10am. Always, a wealth of information, and worth the time listening to the program. I kid you, not.

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