One comment on “The International Demise of America’s Greatness: The Domino Affect

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    Vast amounts of information here. Worthwhile reading, always. Egypt, is the key to the Middle East. The Egyptian Government is now receiving foreign aid because Obama wants to buy their silence, as General Al-Sisi is very close to publicly naming Barack Obama as a Made Member of the Muslim Brotherhood, and as a Terrorist. This article is written by Mr. Martin O’Sullivan, “the Marty O Radio Show”,, Sunday mornings. Listen to the radio program now more than ever, because I too, posted about Sharia Law in America. Very serious. The military replacing command officers might be due to what online sites are reporting, that possibly, there could be a chance that, those relieved of command, had refused to go along with a questionnaire asking if they would give the unlawful order to OPEN FIRE on American citizens in, the United States. I hope the report is not accurate. Pray for America, and also pray for the people of the United Kingdom, because they gave up their firearms years ago, and they might also need some big time help out of their problems involving Sharia Law and Jihadists. The American People might be called upon to help out, as we know best to handle tyrants all over the globe, throughout history. At the moment, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, are sitting on the side, shrugging their shoulders.

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