2 comments on “The Bizarro World Of Liberal’s Double Standards

  1. Many things are out-of-whack with Obama. How many lies can the people take? How many scandals can this nation sustain? The Egyptian Government might be naming Barack Obama as a Made Member of the Muslim Brotherhood and as a Terrorist. That is why foreign aid has been resumed. To buy silence.
    Keep an eye on Iran for the next four weeks. Israel alleges that Iran is two weeks away from having sufficient nuclear material to build a weapon. A proto-type must also be built and tested (underground blast?). Israel, might attack Iran before a weapon is built or, if a proto-type is tested. That may result in war, and a conflagration of the Middle East. It would bring in, Russia, China, and the US. NATO would have to jump in. North Korea would go hog wild. Pakistan hits India. Africa goes hot with war. South America and Central America would push north of the Rio Grande. Terror attacks, sabotage, civil unrest, rioting, in America.
    Question: In the event of terror attacks and jihad activity, will the Marxist Progressive Liberals continue to worship the president or, will they scream for someone to save their bacon?
    We are only weeks away from a deadly scenario if Israel attacks Iran, and if it does not, there will be anxiety for years to come, knowing that jihadi extremists might get their hands on something nuclear. Already, there are indications of al-Qaeda is at the southern US border and they have components of Syrian chemical weapons. Cannot blame Syria, it was Obama that funded, trained, armed, and sanctioned the al-Qaeda jihadi cannibals.

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