2 comments on “Obama: The Best President Ever! (except for the 44 others before him)

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    ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN! Marty, this is fantastic. For the readers of this blog, the author is Mr. Martin O’Sullivan, of the Marty O Radio Show on YFN.com Sunday mornings. Tune in, listen, and understand that many people, are asking questions about the president. I say, Obama, bought his transcripts and degree from a cheap diploma mill, because he knows nothing about the US Constitution. Obama never did an honest day’s work, right up to this moment. He is surrounded by crackpots and kook on Capitol Hill, and wants to launch missiles because of evidence based upon lies. Obama and the word missiles should not be allowed in the same language! Obama is, the rogue with a nuclear missile. He ill be the very first person to run and hide underground, leaving the women and children to face the music.

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